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Hong Kong Geologist lists:
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2002 Vol. 8
Hong Kong Geologist
  1. Spatial Variation of Sediment Components in the Marine Deposits of Hong Kong
  2. Preliminary conceptual study on impact of land reclamation on groundwater flow and contaminant migration in Penny’s Bay
  3. Petrographical Features of Cataclasite: Evidence from the Lai Chi Kok – Tolo Channel Fault Zone, Hong Kong
  4. The Lai Chi Chong Section: A Photographic Feature
  5. Hong Kong Classic Geology, No. 3 – Rain Erosion, Rilling and gullying
2001 Vol. 7
Hong Kong Geologist
  1. New high precision U-Pb Zircon ages for Mesozoic intrusive rocks from the Southern Hong Kong SAR
  2. Factors affecting the spatial distribution of landslides on Lantau Island
  3. The influence of geological structures on natural terrain landslides
  4. Recognition of structural features in Sai Kung District, Eastern Hong Kong, Interpreted from a shaded relief map
  5. Confined groundwater zone and slope instability in hillsides of weathered igneous rock in Hong Kong
  6. Comment & Reply: Discussion on weathering profile development below the Yuen Long Plain, western New Territories
2000 Vol. 6
Hong Kong Geologist
  1. The Dangan Basin – a Fault-bounded Tertiary Basin off southern Hong Kong
  2. The application of CIC and CRS models for the Determination of Sediment Ages and Sedimentation Rates in Two Marine Parks, Hong Kong
  3. Mangroves as Land Builders
  4. Modification of Regional Groundwater Regimes by Land Reclamation
  5. Hong Kong’s Classic Geology Series No. 2: Ping Chau – a Saline Lake Basin
1999 Vol. 5
Hong Kong Geologist
  1. Weathering Profile Development Below the Yuen Long Plain, Western New Territories, Hong Kong
  2. Sedimentary Facies of Fluvial Marine Transition Environments at Pak Nai
  3. A Quartz Porphory Dyke; its Margin, and Hydrothermal Zoning at Ping Chau, near Lantau
  4. Sedimentology of Double Haven (Yan Chau Tong), New Territories, Hong Kong
  5. Hong Kong Classic Geology No. 1: Deformation and Slope Failure Modes in Columnar Jointed Tuffs of the High Island Formation – Hong Kong
1998 Vol. 4
Hong Kong Geologist
  1. A Proposed Revision of the Volcanic Stratigraphy and Related Plutonic Classification of Hong Kong
  2. Tidal Flat Sedimentation in Hong Kong
  3. Observations on Suspended Sediment Concentrations in Some Hong Kong Streams and Rivers
  4. Three New U-Pb Ages from Igneous Rocks in the NE New Territories of Hong Kong and Their Structural Significance
1997 Vol. 3
Hong Kong Geologist
  1. The New Hong Kong Digital Seismic Monitoring Network
  2. A Stream Sediment Geochemical Atlas for Hong Kong
  3. The Discovery of Leptophloeum rhombicum Dawson from Ma On Shan,Hong Kong
  4. Heavy Metal Disposition in Tolo Harbour
  5. Hong Kong Landform Series, No. 5: The Meanders and Floodplain at Kam Hing Wai near Kam Tin
1996 Vol. 2 (Autumn)
Hong Kong Geologist
  1. Preliminary Investigation of Zircon Morphology of Granitoid Rocks in Hong Kong
  2. Cracks in Colluvium, Hong Kong
  3. Preparation of Hong Kong Soil Monoliths
  4. Morphological and Chemical Characteristics of Upland Volcanic Soils along a Vegetation Gradient Affected by Hillfire in Hong Kong
  5. Hong Kong Landform Series No. 4: Ripple Bedforms and Lamination in the Littoral Zone
1996 Vol. 2 (Spring)
Hong Kong Geologist
    1. Characteristics of Formation and Development of Hidden Karst at Pingshi Power Plant (Station B), Guangdong Province, China
    2. Frequency and Time Series Analysis of Recent Earthquakes in the Vicinity of Hong Kong
    3. The Discovery of Late Permian Fossil Plants and its Strata in Hong Kong
    4. Exploration for Offshore Sand in Hong Kong: Detailed Surveys, Dredging and Environmental Assessments
    5. Hong Kong Landform Series No. 3: Alluvial Floodplains and Upward-Fining Stratigraphic Sequences
    1995 Vol. 1 (Autumn)
    Hong Kong Geologist
    1. The Composition of Magnetite from the ma On Shan Magnetite Skarn, Hong Kong
    2. Interpretation of Regional Gravity Survey of Hong Kong
    3. Shore Zone Fan-delta Deposition at Ting Kok, Plover Cove
    4. An Example of River Bank Erosion in Hong Kong
    5. Trail Degradation along The Pat Sin Range: An Example of Environmental Geomorphology
    6. Hong Kong Landform Series No.: 2 – Granite Weathering and Deep Weathering Profile
    1995 Vol. 1 (Spring)
    Hong Kong Geologist
    1. Results of an Offshore Engineering Geological Investigation in the Pearl River Mouth Basin of the South China Sea
    2. Sedimentology, Geochemistry and Micropaleontology of Borehole A5/2, West Lamma Channel
    3. Sedimentology and Surficial Stratigraphy of Three Fathoms Cove, Hong Kong
    4. The Offshore Quaternary Sham Wat Formation of Hong Kong
    5. Exploration for Offshore Sand in Hong Kong: Reconnaissance Surveys and Geological Assessments
    6. Hong Kong Landform Series No. 1 – Shore Platforms (Characteristics and Origins)

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